IT Planning


Business Requirements, Business Case
IT Budgets and IT Roadmaps

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IT Planning Simplified

Start with the Business Drivers and Motivation. Record the current business architecture and current Business - IT Gaps. Find most viable option to solve a business problem or business opportunity with vetting and business case. Plan Project pipeline, Application road-maps and IT Budget.


Business Drivers

Business Drivers, goals, principles, constraints, assumptions, stakeholders

Manage Business & IT Requirements

Business requirement from Business opportunity, operations, risk and compliance, business-IT alignment or stakeholders. Mapping Business requirement to IT requirements.

Requirement Vetting

Requirement vetting includes justification, impact analysis, cost estimation, risk assessment and decision

Business Cases

Business case include proposal, vision, risks, cost benefit analysis, project information, scoring and decision.

IT Budgets

IT Budgets include allocating budgets on new projects or existing support, business as usual projects, infrastructure.


Using approved business cases and project cost application roadmaps and project pipelines can be created.

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